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Friday Catch-Up for the Fourth Week of March

Hello everyone, and welcome to another round of the hottest news from the marketing world. Past week has been nothing less than mesmerizing. This past week saw Facebook’s F8 breaking through nearly every mental barricade we may put against Skynet, Google offering free domain and web hosting to local businesses, Yahoo rivaling Google in asking users for allegiance, a latest report on social sharing, and Rand Fishkin taking a leaf out from an SEO’s daily life!

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Google Partners with Twitter — Gains Direct Access to #Firehose, Promises #FresherContent, and Possible #ServerMeltdown

The ether of the internet, the forever growing abyss of digital content, receives nearly 9,000 tweets every second from Twitter. This stream of tweets, known as the Firehose, contains the most valuable and the most up-to-date information on the planet.

Ironically, this timely information is neither readily available to people through any search engine, nor can it be crawled directly without crumpling twitter’s servers into a crackling meltdown. Google hopes to be the first one to bring this information to the masses by partnering with twitter with again. The search engine giant had made an agreement with Twitter where its bots crawled the tweets before including them to the search stream, however, both companies resolved to end the agreement in 2011 for various reasons. Continue reading

Friday Catch-Up for the Third Week of March

Hi everyone! Welcome to another round of crispy news from the marketing world. Past week brought about several “accidental” shockwaves as someone let slip that the extent of the latest Google algorithm release will be greater than both Panda and Penguin. Furthermore, a request based on the Freedom of Information Act released the confidential documents on Google’s 2012 antitrust ruling showing the coercive practices employed by Google. On a brighter note, we have tips on researching competitor intelligence using social media, and a dive into the working of Google’s headline ranking systems.

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Brands face PR blackouts as “.sucks” Domain Goes Live Next Week

Last November, Vox Populi, a subsidiary of Momentus group won the ICANN’s auction for one of the 500 new, generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

Their choice of gTLD?

A “.sucks” domain, that will cost companies and trademark holders thousands of dollars to protect themselves from the criticism and negative PR, especially when the sites start to get crawled and ranked high on the search engine results page.

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Friday Catch-up for the second week of March

Hello everyone! Welcome to another quick catch-up on the latest and hottest news from the marketing world before you head for the weekend. Past week saw Google fixing its code that had been leaking thousands of customer details since 2013, and practically begging for users to set it as their default search engine! Facebook may be in a similar bind as studies reveal Instagram winning over major brands’ marketing budgets, and more research shedding light on user personas and how to profile them, and a wholesome cluster of tools for better managing your social media marketing in the mix!

All this and much more in our Friday catch-up – hold your breath and keep reading!

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