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Friday Catch Up For the Fourth Week of April

friday news internet marketing

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another updating round of the latest news from the online marketing world from last week. Last week, we unearthed Facebook’s secret and murderous plans for Google, MozCast charted the temperature of Mobilegeddon, how Facebook’s latest algorithm updates will be significantly reducing Page reach, and a new research and “influencer search” platform about growing influencer marketing.

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Now France Wants a Piece of Google —New Bill Forces Google to Disclose Algorithms for Better SERP Regulation

France wants a part of Google

France cannot wait for the European Commission’s Statement of Objections to run its course. The French Senate is passing a bill that demands the search giant to reveal its search algorithm. The bill, if passed, will grant ARCEP (the national telecoms regulator) sweeping powers to monitor and scrutinize Google’s search engine algorithm.

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Friday Catch up for the Third Week of April

Happy fridayHello everyone!

Welcome to another burning round of the latest news from last week. This week we saw EU literally sniping at Google after dramatically narrowing its antitrust lawsuit to shopping search, then we have Bing secretly releasing its mobile-friendly tag, new insights on engaging millennials, and release of two latest advertising platforms by FourSquare and Coul.

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Facebook’s Latest AdTech Patent Could Be Huge because No One can Ever be Ready for it.

Facebook’s data essentially, can be second to none. The billion users it serves have told it that who they are, where they come from, where they’ve been, where they are going, where they would like to or want to be, and what they like. Hence, unlike Google, it does not have to gather all that information from their browsing behavior.

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Friday Catch Up for the Second Week of April

I love fridaysHello everyone! And welcome to another round of the hottest news and happening from the marketing world. Past week saw Europe setting a lawsuit against Facebook, charging the social giant with illegal use and sharing of user data (even launching its social graph!). Then we have some horrified SEO experts wondering why businesses are responding to Big G’s mobilegedon with simple mobile sites, the social analytics firm SumAll releasing a more AI social analytics tools to remove guesswork, twitter killing its #Discover from mobile searches, and Rand Fishkin tackling personalized search for us!

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Facebook poised to overtake YouTube in 2015

Facebook overtake youtube

Google has been in a pinch lately. Earlier the Big G was found using some serious advertising space in search results asking Firefox users to shift to Google as their default search engine. Then it found itself against all of EU in an anti- trust lawsuit (still in process, and which might scrap over 10% of its revenues in legal penalties). And now it’s Facebook.


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Friday Catchup for the First week of April

Friday imageHello people!

Welcome to another round of updates on the latest happenings in the market. Last week has been alarming. The European Commission is bent on taking around 10 percent of Google’s revenue as the antitrust litigations have taken a new turn on the Big G. Google and Mozilla, on the other hand, have joined forces to ban any site from China that has been authenticated by Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China’s primary digital certification authority. SME has interviewed Dough Karr on influencer marketing. Moz has released a new feature to aid us in filtering spam links, and Rand Fishkin has decided to tone down the frenzy about its features.

Read on for the details!

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Twitter Releases Curator — Brings Powerful Conversations to the Publishers for FREE

Nothing gets timelier than twitter. News organizations, publishers, broadcasters, and live bloggers, among other media publishers are known to rely on fresh content to engage audiences, ignite conversations, and increase audience participation across web, mobile, and TV during key moments during events.

However, effectively searching, filtering, and curating the content from twitter has so far been only possible through third party service providers. This is where Twitter’s Curator comes in.

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