9 Ways MEP is aiding businesses increase online visibility, extend reach, establish brands, and boost ROI


You know exactly what the company is capable of delivering to you, and other consumers. Isn’t that how you want your customers to react when your brand name is brought up? That’s exactly what branding does. It links your brand to a set of benefits your company’s services/products deliver. As a result, your target audience’s needs/wants are transformed into the trigger, a reminder, of your brand.

At MEP, we believe that branding in general has 11 components. We believe that each of them requires separate holistic attention. Hence, we believe their exist 11 different ways of boosting brand awareness.

#1 Compelling Web Design
A website is a boon to businesses unless it can deliver a user-friendly (read easy to navigate) and engaging (read offers scan ability) online experience. Then again, it should be consistently delivered across all smart devices.
Developing mobile responsive, visually appealing, and easily navigable websites that engage users and make them stay longer on site is one way a business can increase brand awareness.

#2 Strong Web Development
People have an exceptionally low attention span these days. A mere 8 seconds before they bounce to another website. At MEP we develop websites that load faster, offer higher interactivity, are seamlessly integrated with other systems (payment processing, etc), require low-maintenance, increase brand authority, and customer confidence.

#3 & #4 Robust eCommerce and Data Protection
An e-Store with complaints of identity theft, data breaches, and other security threats is bound to lose traffic, and hence fail to distill leads into sale prospects. MEP specializes in developing secure eCommerce systems and databases complete with secure shopping cart and payment processing systems with a user-friendly environment.

#5 Website Auditing
Knowing the efficiency and ROI of websites is only possible through thorough analytics and subjecting the website to regular audits prior to and after optimization strategies have been implemented. MEP offers expertise in evaluating business websites. We analyze search engine and social media presence by evaluating primary keywords and the one’s for which the website is currently being ranked for, back links, meta tags and descriptions, and more before compiling an audit report and recommendations for future actions.

#6 Organic SEO
Google and other search engines rank websites according to how user-friendly and search friendly they are. MEP offers on-site and off-site organic Search Engine Optimization services that are the integral to not only ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), but also in leading your target audience from research keywords, to transactional keywords, and finally commercial keywords. In a phrase, through the marketing funnel.

#7 PPC Campaigns
Consumers ready for making a buying decision often search using commercial and transactional keywords. MEP understands the need for curating the right positive keywords (and the negative ad words) before budgeting and creating compelling Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

#8 & #9 Social Media Marketing and SMS Marketing
Consumers take cues of brand credibility from social recommendations. Hence businesses hoping to create trustworthiness and increase brand loyalty must increase social media presence. MEP specializes in creating extensive content strategies for SMM — employing content calendars, publishing engaging content, using social ads, and monitoring ROI with robust analytics.

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At MEP, we understand the intricacies involved in creating, establishing, and managing a strong brand persona. If you are hoping to boost your business’s bottom line, monitor ROI, and increase brand awareness, then get in touch with us!

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