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Magento marketing: most common platform SEO issues

magneto-marketingMagento is a powerful E-commerce platform that is used by a wide range of well-known retailers in various niches. Nevertheless, there are some serious issues that both small and large retailers tend to face with this platform. One of the biggest issues is Magento’s slow performance, which comes as a result of the CMS being so cumbersome. There are a bunch of things that can be done to improve the performance (such as using browser caching, optimizing JS and CSS, and using compression), but a considerable amount of smaller retailers seem to struggle in this area.

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Now France Wants a Piece of Google —New Bill Forces Google to Disclose Algorithms for Better SERP Regulation

France wants a part of Google

France cannot wait for the European Commission’s Statement of Objections to run its course. The French Senate is passing a bill that demands the search giant to reveal its search algorithm. The bill, if passed, will grant ARCEP (the national telecoms regulator) sweeping powers to monitor and scrutinize Google’s search engine algorithm.

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Facebook’s Latest AdTech Patent Could Be Huge because No One can Ever be Ready for it.

Facebook’s data essentially, can be second to none. The billion users it serves have told it that who they are, where they come from, where they’ve been, where they are going, where they would like to or want to be, and what they like. Hence, unlike Google, it does not have to gather all that information from their browsing behavior.

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Facebook poised to overtake YouTube in 2015

Facebook overtake youtube

Google has been in a pinch lately. Earlier the Big G was found using some serious advertising space in search results asking Firefox users to shift to Google as their default search engine. Then it found itself against all of EU in an anti- trust lawsuit (still in process, and which might scrap over 10% of its revenues in legal penalties). And now it’s Facebook.


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Twitter Releases Curator — Brings Powerful Conversations to the Publishers for FREE

Nothing gets timelier than twitter. News organizations, publishers, broadcasters, and live bloggers, among other media publishers are known to rely on fresh content to engage audiences, ignite conversations, and increase audience participation across web, mobile, and TV during key moments during events.

However, effectively searching, filtering, and curating the content from twitter has so far been only possible through third party service providers. This is where Twitter’s Curator comes in.

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Google Partners with Twitter — Gains Direct Access to #Firehose, Promises #FresherContent, and Possible #ServerMeltdown

The ether of the internet, the forever growing abyss of digital content, receives nearly 9,000 tweets every second from Twitter. This stream of tweets, known as the Firehose, contains the most valuable and the most up-to-date information on the planet.

Ironically, this timely information is neither readily available to people through any search engine, nor can it be crawled directly without crumpling twitter’s servers into a crackling meltdown. Google hopes to be the first one to bring this information to the masses by partnering with twitter with again. The search engine giant had made an agreement with Twitter where its bots crawled the tweets before including them to the search stream, however, both companies resolved to end the agreement in 2011 for various reasons. Continue reading

Brands face PR blackouts as “.sucks” Domain Goes Live Next Week

Last November, Vox Populi, a subsidiary of Momentus group won the ICANN’s auction for one of the 500 new, generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

Their choice of gTLD?

A “.sucks” domain, that will cost companies and trademark holders thousands of dollars to protect themselves from the criticism and negative PR, especially when the sites start to get crawled and ranked high on the search engine results page.

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Why You Need to Advertise Online

Online advertising has become a buzzword in business for the past couple of years; its benefits are praised by all online business owners because of an unlimited realm of additional opportunities it opens to every business undertaking. However, to be successful, online advertising should be heavily invested, and it may become quite costly to sustain a comprehensive, efficient online advertising campaign. So, is online advertising really as valuable as online marketers say? Is it worth the time, money, and effort invested in it? And which online advertising options offer maximum benefits for those considering the launch of their online promotion campaign?

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15 web design trends of 2015

2015_web_design_trendsWeb design is a vibrant and quickly changing industry in which trends are also highly changeable; for instance, 2014 was distinguished by reliance on grid layouts and frequent use of background videos. What innovations and fashionable trends are expected in 2015? How can you keep pace with the most cutting-edge web design trends and ensure your site’s competitive advantage? Here is the list of the most popular defining trends that will shape the 2015 web design in correspondence to user habits and technological innovations.

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