Facebook poised to overtake YouTube in 2015

Facebook overtake youtube

Google has been in a pinch lately. Earlier the Big G was found using some serious advertising space in search results asking Firefox users to shift to Google as their default search engine. Then it found itself against all of EU in an anti- trust lawsuit (still in process, and which might scrap over 10% of its revenues in legal penalties). And now it’s Facebook.


If the F8’s conference informing us of stepping into the Analytics domains (albeit only for mobile apps, allowing marketers a first ever glimpse of the big data horded by Facebook from its 1 billion plus user base) was not enough, recent survey indicates that the social giant will overtake YouTube in terms of video ad campaign investments. This will be a first ever knockout for YouTube from its leadership position in the video domain, underscoring the power of Facebook’s in-stream video ad placement.

YouTube has proved to be a megastar when it comes to social platforms, except it lacks the social engagement offered by Facebook. Add to this Facebook’s announcement of turning its messenger into an eCommerce platform, the addition of Riff —a new app that lets people co-create videos —, and the recent bad PR due to complaints by Child Advocacy Groups demanding FTC to investigate YouTube’s deceptive advertising in YouTube Kids app, the Big G is facing some first time pressure in its dominated niches.

All of this comes in the wake of Google’s decisions to shut down Google + (unannounced) and Google Moderator (due this July). However, at MEP, we’re once again working on brainstorming and assessing the new marketing opportunities that come in the wake of these new changes allowing our clients make the best out of their marketing and advertising budgets. Last week we had come across Google-Twitter partnership that allowed Google to directly access twitter’s FireHose in the hopes of bringing relevant tweets in the search results. The shift in balance in Facebook vs. YouTube adds a new dimension to how we may develop marketing strategies.

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