Friday Catch-Up for the Fourth Week of March

Hello everyone, and welcome to another round of the hottest news from the marketing world. Past week has been nothing less than mesmerizing. This past week saw Facebook’s F8 breaking through nearly every mental barricade we may put against Skynet, Google offering free domain and web hosting to local businesses, Yahoo rivaling Google in asking users for allegiance, a latest report on social sharing, and Rand Fishkin taking a leaf out from an SEO’s daily life!

Read on to find out!

F8 — The Conference that has been Crashing, Crazing, and Claiming the World since last Week

“We’re here to talk about the future”, began CTO Mike Schroepfer during F8’s second-day keynote presentation. He need not remind us. The first day had already flabbergasted nearly everyone at the conference.

Facebook f8 mark zuckerberg newsIt seems Facebook has finally matched, and perhaps might even exceed the craziness that Apple WDC brings to us each year. The social giant has dedicated the F8 conference solely to developers, announcing ideas that many believe are sending the S.O.S to the darkness that is the Skynet. The F8, so far, has announced its Messenger for Business that converts the normal messenger into an eCommerce channel and customer service portal, a newer A.I. capable of “viewing” videos like a human and indexing it accordingly, a newer app analytics, newer methods of generating money from mobile ads, internet of things and more.

Read more at Quartz and MarketingLand!

Google Launches New Site — Hopes to Solicit Local Businesses to Be Found Online with Free Domain and Websites!

You read it right. Google is offering local business un-initiated into the online space by offering free domain and hosted website for one year, FREE of cost. Furthermore, the search engine giant has extended a helping hand to other organizations and local chambers of commerce in accordance with its AdWords reseller strategy in hopes of assisting them and getting their business data on Google.

Learn more about Google’s latest program “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” and website on SEL!

Yahoo parrying with Google — Notifies Users to Switch Allegiance

The second week of March saw Google begging users who had moved to Firefox to set Google as their default search engine. Last week saw Yahoo parrying the effort by notifying all users that they should shift their search engine from Google to Yahoo, touting its partnership with Firefox “Yahoo is the preferred search engine for Firefox. Switch now.”

Read more about it at SearchEngineLand!

Share What Your Audience Likes To Share — Report on Customer Behavior on Social Media

If you have been piling up your big data trying to understand the most shareable content in your niche, the most frequented social channels, and if social shares have become integral to measuring the ROI on your social campaigns then insights from various reports were compiled last week at SME showing important behavioral trends, ranging from the best type of posts that consumers shared (“lists” and “whys?”), to the post days and timings.

Read more at SME!

A Leaf from the Life of SEOs — White Board Friday!

What do SEOs do when they’re done with their first audit and fixed the problems? But what do they do, or should do when they have figured out what is wrong with the picture, what’s missing, and what needs to be done? The answer is “everything that is not so old school”.

Listen Rand Fishkin talks about how SEOs must employ progressive SEO models at Moz!

Thanks for reading us, have a great week-end and see you next week! =)

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