Friday Catch Up for the last week of April

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Welcome to another round of the latest news from the marketing world. Last week was almost totally dominated by twitter’s aggressive ventures to increase user engagement and create better opportunities for marketers and advertisers — ranging from Google-Twitter FireHose deal going live, the introduction of subtler (native) promoted tweets, partnership with Google’s DoubleClick, and acquisition of TellApart. Then we have the CMO report showing the cause of increasing Analytics budget and challenges facing marketers.

The End Of Yellow Badges Ushers The Era Of Blended Promoted Tweets

We will soon be saying goodbyes to the yellow badges that marked promoted tweets because twitter has ideas for making them more subtle. Twitter has made promoted tweets less obvious in an effort to have the promoted tweet blend more seamlessly with the stream — and it has done so very quietly.

The End Of Yellow Badges Ushers on Twitter

This is an effort in native advertising, and the change was rolled out this week, globally — for all platforms and devices. The result would make the tweets blend in easily within the live feed but still be marked as advertisement. However, for meeting compliance requirements, the Yellow badge will be displayed alongside promoted trends and accounts, and the Purple badge (for political promoted tweets) will remain.

Read how Twitter is bringing its ad labeling more in-line with its social media competitors — Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn at Marketing Land!

Live Firehosed Tweets coming this May, Expect to see them in Spotlight Search on OSX and iOS!

Twitter, in an effort to grow its user base and meet investor demands has let Google in with a direct connection to the FireHose. Google hopes to leverage twitter’s unparalleled capacity to stream the latest news around the globe and bring it to its search results. As a result, people will gain access to the social networks live feed without having to login.

Live Firehosed Tweets coming this May

The live stream of approximately 9000 tweets/per second will be pecking the search engine results page. Twitter’s CEO has also announced that it will be working with Apple to bring Twitter’s content in OSX and iOS’s Spotlight search results — and the results have already started to pool.

Read the details at Search Engine Land

Better Cross-Device Advertising, Measurement, and Attribution

Twitter has decided to partner with DoubleClick and acquired TellApart (a Martech Firm). Both moves are geared to allow direct response advertisers to reach more users and easily measure and attribute cross-device engagement and performance. They will show twitter marketers how their spending is paying off.

The partnership with DoubleClick, a Google venture will allow advertisers to easily track views and conversion, among other actions on Twitter. Advertisers can expect to be able to buy promoted tweets via DoubleClick later this year. Read the details at Twitter Blog!

CMO Survey reveals Improper and infrequent analytics as cause of increasing budgets

Everyone is talking about the importance of marketing analytics, however, the recent CMO survey conducted at the Duke University in partnership with American Marketing Association shows that using marketing analytics has become one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today.

CMO Survey reveals Improper and infrequent analytics as cause of increasing budgets

The survey found that marketing budgets are expected to increase at the highest rate in three years, and companies are still unable to properly leverage insights from their analytics to make rapid and more informed decisions. Consequently, a major component of this growth is on marketing analytics. Read the details and insightful takeaways at AMA!


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