Friday catch up for the second week of February. Industry news and updates.


Hi everyone! St. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the spirit of love is in the air… But guess what? We are in love with Internet marketing, and as always, we have compiled a short informative block for you to keep pace with the latest online marketing and SEO news. So grab your coffee, stop your Valentine’s preparations and dreams for a couple of minutes, and read our attention-grabbing news of this week!

Google Released the Alpha Version of Its Search Impact Report for Testing by Webmasters.

Google is a company full of surprises, and its effort to keep closer to its users is totally outstanding. In line with Google’s core philosophy of interaction with its customers, it released the alpha version of the Search Impact report and opened access to it for a handful of Webmasters who had applied for the right to perform testing. The new tool designed by Google experts is expected to change the Search Queries process fundamentally; it provides advanced opportunities for analyzing site performance in the Google search results. Moreover, the new tool enables comparisons of site performance across a variety of metrics, including the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, as well as its overall competitive position. Read more here: SearchEngineLand.

Google Search Optimization: A Path to Increasing Your Organic Traffic.

When Google says it works on making your life easier – believe us, it does. One of the most interesting news and updates from Google this week is its advancements of the Google search mechanisms. Within the past couple of years, Google has learnt to understand users’ queries better, especially after its Hummingbird update. Now, the secrets of generating increased numbers of visitors are much less mysterious: site optimizers have to take special care of answering questions that users asking Google may pose, and to incorporate them into the site’s content. Translation of content into languages specifically targeted at a specific locale may also increase the number of indexed pages. Other success factors include getting deep links from authority sites, making the site optimized for running on mobile devices, and proper work on localization. Learn more here: QuickSprout.

Google Is About to Announce New Viewability Requirements for YouTube and DoubleClick Marketers.

The world of online marketing is vibrant and changeable, and nothing lasts forever in this dynamic competitive space. Google has decided to change the rules of the marketing game for some of its resources – DoubleClick and select YouTube marketers – by changing the viewability metrics of advertising blocks. The present change promises many benefits for online marketers, since metrics are expected to give data on the number of people viewing the ads, statistics on app views, and much more. The first phase of change will relate to DoubleClick advertisers and publishers, with subsequent changes in YouTube viewability reports, and the final touch of the Google Display Network. Read more here: SmallBizTrends.

Now if you finished with everything above, here are some tips for your online business success:

Making an online marketing strategy work is often a complicated and costly process, but at times, wise online marketing can cost you nothing! If you don’t believe us – try some of these free marketing tools that may boost your business and save you a couple of dollars.

  1. Google Keyword Planner. We all know how great Google is – but it is even greater than that! Google has launched a free and user-friendly keyword search tool. All you need is an AdWords account for using it, and the SEO keyword search may be done quickly, efficiently, and at no cost.
  2. Wordstream Keyword Search. More than a billion of keywords are expecting you in this new Wordstream option; the program offers relevant and updated keywords. You will definitely appreciate the variety of resources on which it bases keyword search, much more than Google offers.
  3. Wordtracker. This invaluable program may help you design more than 100 keyword phrases for each entered keyword, which will help you optimize your web content for maximum efficiency.
  4. SEO Site Checkup. Besides proper keyword optimization, SEO tools may help you immensely in the regular check-ups of a variety of SEO issues. Not sure about the keyword use? Need to design a site map and enhance mobile usability? What about speed optimizations? Everything you need may be done with the help of SEO Site Checkup, and what is more – for free!
  5. Open Site Explorer. Our final advice for you is not to forget about backlink optimization – this is what the Open Site Explorer may do for you. This tool provides a limit of 3 reports per day, and allows access to 1,000 backlinks for one site. However, even with these limits, you get precious data about Page Authority, Domain Authority, various social metrics, and other linking domain and inbound link specifics vital for your decision-making and further online marketing actions.

Thanks for reading us, enjoy your St. Valentine’s Day and see you next week!

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