Friday Catch-up for the second week of March

Hello everyone! Welcome to another quick catch-up on the latest and hottest news from the marketing world before you head for the weekend. Past week saw Google fixing its code that had been leaking thousands of customer details since 2013, and practically begging for users to set it as their default search engine! Facebook may be in a similar bind as studies reveal Instagram winning over major brands’ marketing budgets, and more research shedding light on user personas and how to profile them, and a wholesome cluster of tools for better managing your social media marketing in the mix!

All this and much more in our Friday catch-up – hold your breath and keep reading!

Google’s Faulty Coding has unknowingly leaked Over 280,000 Customer Details since 2013.

BlogFridayFor over two years, the search engine giant has lived with a gaping security hack that unmasked the details of people who had opted for a WHOIS privacy protection while registering their website domains at eNom via Google Apps for work. WHOIS privacy protection prevents anyone from obtaining the personal details of the individual from the registrar. Cisco identified that a fault in Google’s code that caused unmasking of  personal information of 94% of the domains registered, including email addresses, phone numbers, full names, and addresses. Though the fault first appeared in mid-2013, it’s full impact was only recently discovered and fixed.

Read the details at Business Insider.

Google Begging for User Allegiance — Places a “Switch Back to Us” Ad for Firefox Users.

Google recently decided to reserve some costly ad space for itself on its organic results SERP. The target audience is the Firefox users, and given that the “message ad” takes up more than two inches of highly sought ad space, the effort is almost desperate. Google is practically begging Firefox users to change their default search engine and move to Google.

Read more at Search Engine Land.

Major Brands are shifting marketing allegiance as Facebook gets Less Brand Posts than Instagram.

FridayNewsAs their organic reach on Facebook falls, Olapic report has found a disruptive shift in platform allegiance. Major brands have started shifting their marketing efforts and re-assigning budget towards Instagram, the photo-sharing app that recently moved past Twitter in terms of the number of users it has.

Read more about why brands are cutting back on their advertising dollars on Facebook at Marketing Land.

Are Your Customers Instagrammers? Research Says They Like to Shop!

FridayCarchupMepFor marketers Instagram had, until recently been only a photo sharing app and not a platform worth their time and budget. We found it hard to profile users on Instagram, or understand their behavior, and best content to engage them. However, stand alone research studies when combined are revealing deeper insights into shopping habits of over 300 million Instagrammers. The insights from studies range from customer shopping habits to detailing audience demographics.

Read how to find prospective customers and better profile them on Instagram with summarization of insights from multiple studies at SME.

44 Social Media Pros Help Create the Perfect Social Media Tool Cluster

FridayCatchupMEP2Marketers are always searching for ways to enhance their social media marketing tactics, to make them more agile, and to simplify marketing tasks — ranging from researching your audience, saving and curating content, creating segmented content aggregation, content automation, building lists, to identifying influencers, creating text and video CTAs, boosting customer engagement with customer calendars, customer chats, and networking, and generating shares, increasing conversions, and more.

Check out what 44 social pros are using and see find which ones make the right cluster for you at Social Media Examiner.

Whiteboard Friday — How important are On-Topic Links?

FridayCatchUpMep3With major Google algorithm changes gearing the world for more robust semantic search, how important is the context of a link for SEO? Which matters more, off-topic or on-topic links? Some claim that links from pages and sites that are targeting a similar subject matter (on topic) are more worthy of the linking effort than ones that are off the subject matter. This week, whiteboard Friday delves into Google’s algorithms and how context and the relationship between content on the linking page and the linked website can affect SEO efforts.

Listen to Rand Fishkin and team in the whiteboard Friday video at Moz.


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