Friday Catch up for the Third Week of April

Happy fridayHello everyone!

Welcome to another burning round of the latest news from last week. This week we saw EU literally sniping at Google after dramatically narrowing its antitrust lawsuit to shopping search, then we have Bing secretly releasing its mobile-friendly tag, new insights on engaging millennials, and release of two latest advertising platforms by FourSquare and Coul.

Read on for the details!

EU Found its anti-Trust Filing Bull’s Eye on Google’s Shopping

Pages atop pages of evidence, the EU has finally issued its “Statement of Objections” against the Big G. While we bank on the excellent chances of them getting leaked, the main headline goes something like this: the EU has outlined four anti-trust concerns against Google, and all of them target how it is handling its shopping search. The charges state that the search behemoth is:

  1. Prominently positioning its shopping search results (Google shopping results)
  2. Not penalizing its own comparison shopping service results
  3. Systematically aiding the growth of its shopping research at the expense of others
  4. Its conduct is stifling consumers and innovation

More interesting than the problems are the possible solutions for the anti-trust charges. Read the details of the EU objections and Danny Sullivan take on possible solutions at Search Engine Land!

Having Trouble Speaking With Millennial? Reports Say Try Emailing!

As marketers we intuitively know that Millenials have a different way of conversing with and engaging with brands. Hence, if your social media efforts are not paying out well then studies show that’s because Millennials are not engaging through social media.

The good news? They are always connected to their inboxes. And how best to connect with them via mail? Steve Dille has a mantra for us: Mobilize, personalize, champion choice, then create killer yet scannable content. Next, test the right timing, make sharing an ubiquitous option, sprinkle some special offers, and cross your channels.

Guzzle the details at MarketingLand!

The Art of Zen with Bing — How the Mobile-Friendly Label Was Released Without Anyone Reading About it

Google had launched its crack on mobile responsive sites last year when it released it mobile friendly label, and followed it with a soon-to-come internet-shaking release of its mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. But we haven’t heard much from the arch rival Bing. However, Bing has neatly released a mobile friendly label for its search results.

Though they have announced a significant redesign of their mobile homepage earlier this week, the mobile label was found by the detectives at SEL.

See the evident at SEL!

FourSquare releases Pinpoint — Its Own Ad Targeting platform

FourSquare has created a map of the world the way our mobiles see it, and Pinpoint is the platform that will leverage this data to send users targeted ads. In a phrase: it can offer the most precise targeting locations where the audience goes and likes to go.

Foursquare introducing pinpoint


Partnering with companies as diverse as Fedex, At&T, Choice Hotels, Olive Garden, Samsung, and Wild Turkey, Pinpoint’s launch has the capacity to offer unparalleled breadth as advertisers can target users based on the “six years” worth of data on first-party location intelligence.

Read the details at FourSquare!

Promising 32% uplift in Revenues, Coull Introduces unique Overlay Advertising for Videos

Video ads have become one of the most successful app monetization models currently in practice. However, the biggest problem is their tendency to compromise user experience. They are annoying and easily dismissible.

This is where Coull has decided to step in. The UK based firm is introducing “in-video overlay ads”, which literally are simply an overlay on a video. It’s small, easily dismissible with a swipe, but while being unobtrusive, still manages to catch attention when moving across the screen.

Read why it can generate 32% increase in revenue VentureBeat!

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