Google Partners with Twitter — Gains Direct Access to #Firehose, Promises #FresherContent, and Possible #ServerMeltdown

The ether of the internet, the forever growing abyss of digital content, receives nearly 9,000 tweets every second from Twitter. This stream of tweets, known as the Firehose, contains the most valuable and the most up-to-date information on the planet.

Ironically, this timely information is neither readily available to people through any search engine, nor can it be crawled directly without crumpling twitter’s servers into a crackling meltdown. Google hopes to be the first one to bring this information to the masses by partnering with twitter with again. The search engine giant had made an agreement with Twitter where its bots crawled the tweets before including them to the search stream, however, both companies resolved to end the agreement in 2011 for various reasons.

The search giant has always been about bringing timely and useful information to its visitors, a cause in common with marketers around the globe.

But with its plans to release one of its biggest algorithm releases in April this year, Google reached out to Twitter in early February for an agreement that would grant Google direct access the Firehose, and Twitter agreed — sending marketers around the world into a frenzy of brainstorming sessions.

Finding relevant content directly from twitter in the search engine results? The idea itself is a marketing goldmine and a hashtag nightmare. At MEP, we believe that we might as well be heading into a hashtag optimization age where the twitter handle might as well be included as a social signal and a ranking factor. Add to this twitter’s recent announcement to partner with FourSquare to increase geo-location targeting by allowing tweeters to tag specific locations, and the possibilities of how twitter marketing are endless.

The latest partnership will only add a new dimension to agile marketing. We can only imagine the virality of marketing campaigns, the possibility of turning existing twitter campaigns, new ones, and possibly every tweet into lead generators. However, we still have a few months before Google starts indexing tweets from the Firehose and our marketers will keep working on how best to leverage this opportunity to keep our client’s brands and businesses at the forefront of search.

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