Friday catch up for the second week of February. Industry news and updates.


Hi everyone! St. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the spirit of love is in the air… But guess what? We are in love with Internet marketing, and as always, we have compiled a short informative block for you to keep pace with the latest online marketing and SEO news. So grab your coffee, stop your Valentine’s preparations and dreams for a couple of minutes, and read our attention-grabbing news of this week!

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15 tips to make your local business popular

15_tipsToday there is a huge selection of affordable marketing solutions that can help to build your company’s reputation in the local marketplace and to improve your business. What are they? First of all, you should organize a high-quality, simple and clear advertising campaign with properly designed external and internal SEO optimization. It is also desirable to conduct correct contextual advertising, which gives a clear idea about what the customer wants and what he is most interested in. Such information may become invaluable to help you satisfy all wishes of customers. Wondering about how to start? Here are 15 tips for making your local business popular:

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Weekly digest: Tweets will now be indexed


Good day to all of you! We are back with the latest news that can help you to keep abreast of the ever-changing SEO trends and to succeed in the sphere of Internet marketing. This week we have some interesting updates from Google and Twitter that can be useful in your business. Moreover, these two giants have just signed a new partnership agreement! But let us tell everything step by step!

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What is the importance of having a web presence for a small local firm?

users_look_for_local_businessRapid development of Internet technologies and their penetration into everyday life induce owners of small local firms to think about doing business through various Internet resources. The number of users of the global network is growing steadily. Now people prefer Internet to old media forms, such as radio, television, and newspapers. With each passing day, the segment of goods and services on the Internet is increasing. Therefore, having a website becomes a vitally necessary tool that will help any company to achieve the highest returns and business efficiency. So, why it is important for a small local business to have a website?

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9 Ways MEP is aiding businesses increase online visibility, extend reach, establish brands, and boost ROI


You know exactly what the company is capable of delivering to you, and other consumers. Isn’t that how you want your customers to react when your brand name is brought up? That’s exactly what branding does. It links your brand to a set of benefits your company’s services/products deliver. As a result, your target audience’s needs/wants are transformed into the trigger, a reminder, of your brand.

At MEP, we believe that branding in general has 11 components. We believe that each of them requires separate holistic attention. Hence, we believe their exist 11 different ways of boosting brand awareness.

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