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Good day to all of you! We are back with the latest news that can help you to keep abreast of the ever-changing SEO trends and to succeed in the sphere of Internet marketing. This week we have some interesting updates from Google and Twitter that can be useful in your business. Moreover, these two giants have just signed a new partnership agreement! But let us tell everything step by step!

More Functionality to the “Mute this ad” Feature.

Google has added more functionality to the “Mute this ad” function (an “x” icon in the corner of some display ads) in order to give users more control over ads they see online. Thus, by closing certain advertisement, users show their absence of interest regarding certain information. Such actions enable advertisers not to pay for ads’ display to uninterested users, and publishers consequently get a unique opportunity to place more effective ads. Now, after clicking on the icon “Hide this ad” and answering the question about the reason for this action, advertising disappears, and its place is smoothly occupied by page content. Among other things, this innovation will help publishers and advertisers to find suitable placements for advertisements and to determine ads that are the least popular with users. Read more here: “Mute this ad” feature.


New Query Word Count Dimension for AdWords Search Queries.


For a long time, advertisers have asked the GA team to create an option that will be able to analyze the efficiency of queries with different numbers of keywords. So, Google Analytics has recently created such a dimension shown in the AdWords Search Queries report. It is called “Query Word Count.” Therefore, now you can see the actual search queries and analyze them much quicker and easier, without the need for their manual classification. Learn more here:: AdWords Search Queries

Google Now Supports Crawling TLS 1.2.

Google has announced that Googlebot crawler starts to support TLS version 1.2. According to the representative of the company, TLS 1.2 is supported now in addition to older versions: SSLv3, TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. You should know that previous versions are considered vulnerable, and Google strongly recommends using the updated TLS libraries. See more information about HTTPS websites here: Google I/O presentation.

Twitter Launches Quick Promote for Small Businesses.

Twitter has announced the launch of an upgraded advertising campaign called Quick promote. Marketing specialists now have an opportunity to promote tweets with just a few clicks. The process is intended for small and medium businesses in order to help them to bypass Twitter’s more complex advertising platform. From now on, promoted Tweets will automatically be targeted to users with interests similar to the account’s subscribers. After entering the tweet activity dashboard, you have to select the tweet that should be promoted.

The microblogging service, in tis turn, recommends selecting a message with a high level of engagement. Then you should choose a budget. The service will provide an estimate of coverage after promoting the tweet. Advertisers can observe engagement with the tweet in real time, as well as to optimize the content strategy in order to increase the number of retweets or clicks on the links. Quick promotion is already available to all advertisers worldwide.

This new promotional product is expected to change the attitude of investors to social networks on the eve of the announcement of financial results for the fourth quarter of 2014. Currently, investors are dissatisfied with slow growth of the number of users and uncertain business prospects. By the way, Twitter has already made a step toward monetizing its audience by starting to show advertisements on other websites. Find out more here: Marketing Land.

Twitter Inc. Has Signed a New Agreement with Google.

Twitter has reached a new agreement with Google to index tweets, which will start appearing in Google search results in the coming months. According to Bloomberg, this will happen before the end of the first half of 2015. Thus, messages with the length not more than 140 characters created by 284 million Twitter users will get a wider audience, and in this way, they will be noticed much faster. In addition, the share of Google search results can increase the traffic of Twitter pages that, in its turn, will allow the microblog operator to engage in advertising or other methods of monetization of its logged-off audience. This agreement between Twitter and Google actually represents a renewed similar deal concluded in 2009 and discontinued two years later due to a lack of significant growth of Twitter visitors’ numbers. Read more about the deal here: Bloomberg.

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