Twitter Releases Curator — Brings Powerful Conversations to the Publishers for FREE

Nothing gets timelier than twitter. News organizations, publishers, broadcasters, and live bloggers, among other media publishers are known to rely on fresh content to engage audiences, ignite conversations, and increase audience participation across web, mobile, and TV during key moments during events.

However, effectively searching, filtering, and curating the content from twitter has so far been only possible through third party service providers. This is where Twitter’s Curator comes in.

Curator allows publishers to create complex hashtag and keyword queries to easily uncover streams of relevant and high quality Tweets from twitter’s FireHose — the tweet pipeline that streams nearly 9,000 tweets every second. Think of Curator as a highly intelligent search engine for twitter by twitter. It allows publishers to refine their tweet search by specifying the specific language, follower count, and location. The search results can then easily be displayed directly into the publisher’s mobile app and website, and broadcasts.

The launch of the Curator comes after twitter released its live streaming app “Periscope” last week. Acquired earlier in February, Periscope is an app that lets twitter users to easily stream footage directly from their devices and to their followers. Users can easily engage with the streaming content by commenting and send “hearts” to the streamers (a new metric comparable to Facebook Like). When combined, Curator and Periscope can dramatically improve the way how content is shared and brands are marketed.

Curating relevant content is a powerful method of increasing user engagement and building alliances by leveraging the content created by others and sharing them with your target audience — effectively making your platform the go to place for content in your niche. This is essential for publishers and platforms that rely on delivering fresh content in the timeliest manner possible. The team at MEP is already a buzz with the news and brainstorming ways Curator can be integrated into their client’s existing content creation and editorial calendars, and working on route maps for future use.




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