What is the importance of having a web presence for a small local firm?

users_look_for_local_businessRapid development of Internet technologies and their penetration into everyday life induce owners of small local firms to think about doing business through various Internet resources. The number of users of the global network is growing steadily. Now people prefer Internet to old media forms, such as radio, television, and newspapers. With each passing day, the segment of goods and services on the Internet is increasing. Therefore, having a website becomes a vitally necessary tool that will help any company to achieve the highest returns and business efficiency. So, why it is important for a small local business to have a website?

Website is a face of any modern company. Currently, the company without a website and a reputable e-mail address may be considered by potential partners and customers as a company that doesn’t care about its reputation value and doesn’t try to keep pace with modernity. Moreover, websites are unique tools for mass media presence. Regularly updated news, catalog of products, solutions and services, supplemental information, a forum for discussion of critical issues and debates in a certain industry, etc. – all these can be placed on the website.

A business website is a versatile tool for the company’s business, which allows answering most of the client’s questions. By using a corporate website, partners and customers can look through the company’s services, configure and calculate the cost, get information about products, ask questions, leave suggestions and comments etc.

Website is a company’s business card that makes it possible to support a variety of contacts, including international links with partners. It’s an opportunity to present your business, to tell about the company, its products, services, working conditions, etc.

Having a well-designed website will make it easier to attract the target audience. According to Google report on mobile Internet, 92% of smartphone users have looked for local information[May 2013 Our Mobile Planet: Switzerland] and 85% have taken action as a result[May 2013 Our Mobile Planet: Switzerland]. This means that if your business does not have a well-designed, optimized for mobile devices and discovarable by Search engines website, you do not exist for 92% of your potential customers.

Information for dealers and partners can be placed on the website in secure access (special prices, dealer and partner discounts, newsletter, etc.). It can even have such functions as market monitoring, customer rating, customer reviews about products, consumer votes, population surveys, etc. This way, your site becomes not only the information sharing resource, but also a viable business analytics tool aiding you in your business decisions.

This way, the main functions of websites are business promotion (the more visitors will visit the website, the more popular the company will become) and information sharing (publication of vacancies, news, company opportunities). There are endless ideas on how to make your site best fit your business purposes, but the basis for all of them is interactivity of a website, its around-the-clock work, and the ease of access to information. It will definitely boost your company’s market position and will contribute to a rapid growth of your business through a strong Internet presence.


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