The Mini Garage

«Special Thanks to the MEP Team! We gained a better understanding of our own business after using your services. They’re excellent at what they do and I really enjoyed working with them. MEP really is a partner to my business, rather then a service provider. »
Mark Hoegarts, CEO The Garage
Mark wanted a new website, one representing the spirit of the classic Mini and allowing the client to learn more about the services and processes in The Garage. This is the first website for The Garage group, one that addresses classic British cars and services that work with them.
At the moment our team is working on the eCommerce setup for them, something that’s critical for their car parts and car care products business.
We’re working on their e-marketing strategy along with developing a new distribution model integrated with their CRM. This means the sales team is a part of the eCommerce site, and both online and off, sales are going through the same database. This allows clients to share and the sales team to better develop the market and after-sale service. - a full range Swiss web development agency. We love to create; we love talking to people from different industries, whatever your business is, we are glad to help you in developing the right strategy for it to be visible and acknowledgeable

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